December 2020 Sightings

Jeff Ellerbusch

Sandy Hook
Monmouth County, NJ

11:55am; mostly sunny/partly cloudy; winds WNW at 20-25mph (gusts at 30+); 40 degrees. Incidental sighting while birding a wind sheltered scruby/dune habitat bordered by pines to the west with grassy dunes followed by beach/ocean to the east. Initially seen in a short relocating flight in response to me nearly stepping on it, it then settled onto a sunlit patch of sand till I left it. Apparently this is the first known December record for northern NJ.

[moderator]: New late date for northern NJ by 2 weeks.

  • American Lady 1

American Lady

American Lady

John Beetham

Donaldson Park
Middlesex County, NJ

Mid 50s and sunny. Several sulphurs flitting around on the hill at the park entrance.

  • Clouded Sulphur 1
  • Orange Sulphur 3

Orange Sulphur