February 2018 Sightings

Fred Pfeifer

Rifle Camp Park
Passaic County, NJ

78° severe clear
4 miles of walking

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David Moskowitz

Branchburg off Meister Road
Somerset County, NJ

Sing along…”spring is in the air”…

  • Eastern Comma 1

Eastern Comma

Chip Krilowicz

Maidenhead Meadows Park Lawrence
Mercer County, NJ

51° Sunny

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Ilya Osipov

Horseshoe Bend Park
Hunterdon County, NJ

Overwintering Gray Comma, Polygonia progne (Cramer, 1775) in New Jersey from famous location - Horseshoe Bend Park.
New early NJ state record.
Now is 2/27/2018 !!!
Old record 3/23
More photo https://www.facebook.com/ILYA.OSIPOV.63/posts/746840382193843

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Gray Comma

Gray Comma

Gray Comma