Sighting for April 14, 2018

Sharon & Wade Wander

Flatbrook—Roy Wildlife Management Area, and Mountain Road north of Walpack Cemetery.
Sussex County, NJ

Very warm (70's) and sunny. All of the butterflies were seen on dirt roads. Most of the commas looked good whereas the tortoiseshell was very ragged. Other notable observations included 4 The Infant (Archiearis infans) moths (a day flier), 1 Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle (Cicindela tranquebarica), and a kingfisher nest. No Harvesters. Observers: Marge Barret, Alice Koster, and Wade Wander. Note that the road through Tillman Ravine was closed.

  • Eastern Comma 23
  • Compton Tortoiseshell 1
  • Mourning Cloak 1