About the sightings

These butterfly sightings are from New Jersey’s northern 13 counties: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Mercer. Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union and Warren. They are submitted by the public, and moderated by members of the NABA-North Jersey Butterfly Club, a chapter of the North American Butterfly Association.

Creating your account

All submitters need to sign up for a free account. The accounts help us keep better records, and will allow you to access all your submitted sightings.

You can create an account the same way as you do most online services, by entering your name and email and setting a password.

But you can also create an account without having to remember a login or password, by linking your existing Google or Facebook account. Just click the button on the log-in page, accept the prompt from Google or Facebook, and your North Jersey Butterflies account will be created. The next time, just use the same button to log in.

Be careful that you don’t switch services — if you create an account with Facebook, and then the next time you log in to North Jersey Butterflies, you click the Google button, then you will have created two different accounts. Your previous sightings won’t be collected under your new account.

Link account to NABA sightings account

If you have a NABA sightings account, you can link it to your North Jersey Butterflies account to allow you to cross-post these sightings to the NABA site. To link your account please do the following:

1. Log onto the North Jersey Butterflies sightings site. You should be on your Sightings dashboard screen.

2. Click on “Edit account” in the middle of the right side of the screen.

3. At the bottom of the screen click on “Link to NABA sightings” and enter your NABA sightings account email and password.

4. Now when you enter your sightings on the North Jersey site, a checkbox will appear at the bottom of the General box that will allow you to automatically cross-post your submission to the NABA sightings site where it will be independently moderated.


Please note that on the main North Jersey Butterflies recent sightings page near the top, there is a link called “Show filters”.  This will bring up a set of boxes allowing you to filter the sightings by date, county (you can click on more than one county) or butterfly name.

To see a list of your most recent submissions and links to a list of NJ butterflies you’ve reported seen and not seen, go to your dashboard screen (accessible from the pull-down list connected to your name in the upper right hand corner).

Also just under the list of your most recent sightings is a link to a summary of all your entries with a link to download a comma separated values (CSV) file of all the butterflies you’ve entered.

Contact us

Feedback? Contact us here.

Technical Notes

The application was developed by David Reese modeled after the WisconsinNABA, and South Jersey sightings systems. It’s a custom Ruby on Rails application, hosted at Linode, which is headquartered in Galloway, NJ.