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Sharon & Wade Wander

Lodestar Park, Fredon Township
Sussex County, NJ

2:20-2:50, 55º, sunny, a bit breezy. The grassy, south-facing slopes in our local park, dotted with a few late dandelion flowers, often produce a few end-of-November Sulphurs, but given that we've had several nights in the low 20s, we were very pleased to find this hardy OS.

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Jeanine Apgar and Greg Prelich

Sandy Hook
Monmouth County, NJ

Temps up to 55 degrees today, sunny, mild breezes. Didn't expect so many butterflies on a November day.
Couldn't get photos of all the sulphurs, as they were moving fast and erratically, not sure of ID's.

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Common Buckeye

Common Buckeye

Clouded Sulphur

Joyce Cloughly

Assunpink WMA
Monmouth County, NJ

1:15-3:15. Sunny, around 55 degrees. Thanks to two German Shorthaired Pointers, which incidentally flushed a Buckeye from the grass near the navigation beacon, I saw a butterfly today. Lots of hunting activity; if venturing into Assunpink this time of year, it is wise to wear orange.

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