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Ben Barkley

Lord Stirling Park
Somerset County, NJ

Mostly cloudy and 65 degrees. Observation of comma at 12:45pm. First butterfly of the year for me.

  • Eastern Comma 1

John J. Collins

797 Ashton Street, Raritan
Somerset County, NJ

My first butterfly of the season.

  • Cabbage White 1

David Moskowitz

Frost Woods Park
Middlesex County, NJ

Warm and sunny and a perfect late winter butterfly day! 4 Eastern Commas at Jamebsurg Park Conservation Area, two at Frost Woods and two Mourning Cloaks there too.
[Moderator's Note]: First report of overwintering butterflies in northern NJ.

  • Eastern Comma 6
  • Mourning Cloak 2

Eastern Comma

Mourning Cloak

Jack McKee

Howell Twp.
Monmouth County, NJ

Time 1500, mid 50's, filtered sunlight, 10 mph breeze. I spent the early afternoon walking the trails at Allaire State park, hoping to encounter a Mourning Cloak or an Anglewing. I had no luck and decided to return home. As I was turning into Merrick Road from Rt. 524, a smallish butterfly flew in front of my car. Since I was in the middle of a turn, I could not stop to use my binoculars. The insect was some 15 to 20 feet away, and about 20 feet off the ground, so I was confined to a naked eye ventral only view. Given the relative closeness of the butterfly, I was able to secure a decent look. Alas, it had no real field marks. I could see no clearly defined marks nor color, The size was good for Cabbage White or a Sulphur, but the near absence of color, ruled out a Sulphur. The ventral parts were a blurry gray-dingy white with a faint suggestion of beige or yellow on the hindwing, so I decided it was a Cabbage White, a common resident of this area.
[Moderator's note]: Our first butterfly of the year–let the fun begin!

  • Cabbage White 1